Farewell Exchange is the first-ever hybrid online marketplace dedicated to keeping fashion in cycle from inbound donations to outbound exchanges

It started as a simple idea—create a fast and easy way for people to donate old clothes the sustainable way & exchange for something new. In my pitch, to be fancy I usually call this a bespoke curated online shopping experience which is funny because that’s exactly what it is. Here everything is circular.

I built this website as a solution for bridging the gap between access to good affordable clothing & conscious consumerism. Before we existed, these two things were hard to find in the same place and now we have both! Right here, all in one place.

But to be honest, it’s about more than just the clothes. Our #1 priority is to give back to our local and global community by enabling opportunities that truly enrich our values. From hosting community workshops & DIY events, to providing free clothing and access to aid-based needs & resources.

I’ve bootstrapped this entire operation completely solo. Humbly fueled by hustle & heart. Right now, our most pivotal limitations for expansion include operational costs vs. funds • storage • hand power. It takes a lot to keep this engine running daily—and very expensive.

Some of our daily operational costs include office & shipping supplies, the cost of shipping fees for donations by mail, inventory maintenance & repair, cleaning supplies, website & dev maintenance, marketing software, design software, social media marketing, business subscription services...and that’s all in a day.

With that said, I hope you’ll consider contributing to help boost our engines so we can get off the ground. Whatever you can give today will truly go a long way.

Thank you for stopping by!